Innovative ideas. stylish designs.

Brand Building

SHR can help create and build brands to exploit white spaces, leverage trends and help its customers establish differentiation in the marketplace.

Product Development

A seasoned team with deep design, manufacturing and sourcing experience consistently delivers contemporary, saleable, on-trend product.


The SHR Jewelry Group has developed an intuitive sense for the fine and fashion jewelry markets, and for understanding how to best position licensed consumer brands within it.

About US

Scott Rauch, CEO

Welcome to SHR Jewelry Group – a creative full-service jewelry company with expertise in brand building, product development, and licensing. We are best known for our category-leading men’s jewelry and marketing programs, powered by the imagination and business acumen of our expert team. Our process is based on extensive market research to identify trends and white spaces in order to develop products that will help differentiate our partners for success.

Our Services

Research-Driven Product Development

We identify opportunities through extensive marketplace and trend analysis, and with our consumer product research on style, price and design, SHR delivers product that sells.

Supply Chain Expertise

Our access to high quality raw materials, unrivaled production knowledge and extensive relationships facilitate SHR’s supply chain efficiency that translates into value for our customers and on-time delivery.

Branding & Marketing Leadership

SHR has considerable experience establishing strong brand identities across all consumer touchpoints, from online brand pages to point of sale displays, consumer collateral and custom packaging.

Global Retail Relationships

SHR’s reputation in the industry and its active relationships with some of the largest and most important retailers in the world allow us to execute market programs efficiently and effectively.

Data-Driven Strategies to Create Growth

SHR’s proven approach of management through measurement and ongoing analysis of sales, inventory and market dynamics provide us and our customers with information needed to maximize growth.

In-Store & Online Retail Support with Drop-Ship Capability

With an unwavering focus on sell through, SHR provides our customers with staff training, consumer education, digital assets and a full-service fulfillment center with drop-shipping as needed.

Our Work

Our partners

Along with partner companies SDC Designs and M Suresh, we have significant expertise in branded and licensed collections in bridal and fashion jewelry.

Our Team

It’s easy to forget that the business we are in is all about celebrations and happy times in people’s lives. This is a fact that we as a team try to remind ourselves of, and it allows us to maintain our vision and our passion.

Scott Rauch, CEO

community - Diamonds Do Good

Co-founded by SHR CEO Scott Rauch, Diamonds Do Good is a global nonprofit organization supported by the international natural diamond industry, whose mission is supporting programs that develop and empower people in natural diamond communities and sharing these stories of positive impact.

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